Student dormitory Ivan Goran Kovačić offers accommodation for full-time students, students and professors on international exchange and professors from Croatia which are involved in scientific research at universities.
Total capacity of student dormitory Ivan Goran Kovačić is 649 beds:
61 single rooms
294 double rooms
10 beds for students on international exchange
8 apartments for professors 

Student dormitory Trsat has a capacity of 754 beds and it offers accommodation for full-time students of the University and the Polytechnic College in Rijeka, students on international exchange (Erasmus project), professors on international exchange  and professors from Croatia who are involved in scientific research at universities.

Within the Student dormitory there are:
344 double rooms (pavilions 1, 2 and 4)
32 single rooms (pavilion 1)
24 single apartments for visiting professors (pavilion 2)
10 single rooms for people with disabilities (pavilions 1 and 2)

For each academic year there are three tenders: a tender for subsidized accommodation in student dormitory, tender for accommodation in pupilary rooms and tender for subsidized accommodation for students who live in private landlords (in accordance with the rules and regulations of Ministry of Science, Education and Sports decree).  The first two tenders  are published during the month of June / July on our website.
Any additional information about mentioned tenders you can get on the address:
Student dormitory Ivan Goran Kovačić
Franje Čandeka St 4
51000 Rijeka
Telephone number: 051  672 422
Fax:  051 / 671 187
E- mail:
Student dormitory Trsat
Radmile Matejčić St 5
51000 Rijeka

Telephone number: 051  584 530
Mobile number 099 469 6296
Fax:  051 584 534
E- mail:

The Accommodation price list can be found at: Accommodation price list